Energy Ratings

Energy efficiency is paramount when planning your construction. So much of your homes’ heating or cooling can be lost through poor design and simple key inspections not being done, all local government authorities in Australia require dwellings to meet certain energy efficiency regulations before they can be granted a building permit


Factors to consider when designing your home that will affect your energy rating are:
  • Type of construction – single or double-storey.
  • Floor coverings
  • Window size, glass type and choice of window coverings
  • Insulation to ceiling and walls
  • Vents, fans
  • Position of building on land


According to the NCC (National Construction Code), a Government initiative, new constructions should achieve a minimum energy rating of 6 stars, and have either a rainwater tank or solar water heater system installed to comply with the code.


In order to obtain a building certificate, your home, renovation or construction needs to follow this rating.


Alpha and Omega Group can evaluate, recommend and devise a plan as to the best course of action for what your home or construction needs. We are across all Government standards and will ensure your home or construction has a comprehensive report.
Call us now to discuss how we can assist you with a minimum 6 star energy rating before you apply for a building permit.