Bushfire Attack Level

Since 2009 Victoria has had a new standard for building in bushfire prone areas. This means that every home built, renovated or extended within a bushfire zone must undergo a BAL Assessment to obtain a building permit. There are six standards that rate a property from low through to extreme risk.


This is where Alpha to Omega Group will use these standards to give you a report ensuring your property meets the required regulations.
  • We can give your property a health check for:-
  • Ensuring an appropriate and safe building site location
  • Non-combustible building material (depending on BAL rating)
  • Advice on existing trees and foliage density
  • Proximity to water sources
  • Location of sheds and outbuildings
Alpha to Omega Group have built and advised home builders and owners in many different locations across Victoria, and have extensive knowledge about how best to advise you about your property and construction.
Call us now to arrange a comprehensive inspection of your property to ensure your BAL is covered.