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the services we provide

We provide service for 8 key stages of the building process

  • STAGE 1 – Contract Review

    Where common contract terms and client/builder obligations are explained

  • STAGE 2 – Base

    Where site has been cut, boxed and slab poured has been completed

  • STAGE 3 – Frame

    When wall and roof frames have been completed

  • STAGE 4 – Lock up

    When external walls are complete, windows, doors and roof coverings are fixed and the flooring has been laid

  • STAGE 5 – Services (pre-lining)

    After preliminary plumbing and electrical works have been completed, and wall insulation has been  installed

  • STAGE 6 – Fix/Fit-out (pre-paint)

    When all interior work is complete and the house is ready for painting

  • STAGE 7 – Pre-Handover

    When the house is presented for handover

  • STAGE 8 –  Maintenance Period Expiry

    Just before the Maintenance or Defects Liability period expires (typically 3-6 months after completion)


Inspection services include; Budget verbal, or full written reports with colour photographs.

Our services are ideal for first or second home buyers,  local and overseas property investors. quality assurance, pre-progress payment inspections for new homes as well as Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessments.

Our inspections are suitable for; Builders, Owner-Builders, Draftsmen, Architects, Building designers and Building surveyors.