If you’re looking for a top of the market, world-class Building Inspector Melbourne, you’ve found it with Alpha to Omega! Whether your plan is to buy a new home or invest in one, we’re your secret weapon to being able to make that decision with the highest possible confidence and assurance.

Our Building Inspector Melbourne philosophy has intertwined in and throughout it our passion for your best interest. We’ll tell you about any significant building defects or any other problems such as cracking in the walls, safety hazards, a faulty frame, and many more. Best thing is, you get all of this information before the monumental moment of exchanging property sale contracts.

Not only do our experts know exactly what to look for, they’ll see through the cosmetic enhancements covering the faults that an inexperienced eye would miss every time. So you can avoid any little surprises (which turn into big, big costs) down the track.

Laws in Australia are very governed around your safety as home-owners, home buyers and home investors- the wide range of criteria and thresholds are designed to ensure every person feels safe in their home (or safe buying it, for that matter). So you’ll be glad to hear that our specialists are purposefully geared towards making sure every property is up to Australian standards.

So why do you even need a Building Inspector Melbourne?

In amongst a flood of reasons, let us sum it up for you:

  • Knowing in advance and in detail what exactly the issues are with a potential property;
  • Perhaps utilising the information gained by the Building Inspection Report to negotiate a lower price for the property, rather than incurring further costs later; and
  • Giving you the time and ability to get expert advice about any major issues our Building Inspectors point out, and how exactly those issues will impact your property over the passing of time.

A building inspection report from Alpha to Omega will be your key to walking into that contract exchange meeting with certainty, because you’ve done all in your power to be as well informed as possible. Our Building Inspector Melbourne philosophy for the Alpha to Omega team says it loud and clear- knowledge is power!


Our utmost priority is seeing you fully informed when it comes to your property, so you can make a calculated decision as to whether or not to buy it. The power should be in your hands. The choice should be in your hands. And that’s why we’re your number one guys; we do all of this labour to see the power given back to you.

Our pre-purchase property reports offer you a top-quality overview of how your property is wired, analysed with the thoroughness and detail of a Building Inspector Melbourne looking out for you.

One of the brightest things about Alpha to Omega’s Building Inspector service Melbourne is the refinement of people that conduct them. We comprehend the everyday home-buyer, and carry that very motivation to see the highest value be achieved for your hard-earned money. Allow us to help you see that first-time home dream come to fruition, or take your first step in an investment deal towards the right direction. Because every step is a step closer to achieving the goal: choosing the perfect property. And ticking off those goals one by one!

That’s one of the primary reasons we’re your number one Building Inspectors Melbourne- our passion is revolves around seeing you win. That’s our job- equipping you with everything you need to make the best decision as humanly possible. We ensure that we see the work through from beginning to the end, with your satisfaction being our utmost priority.

We also offer a variety of other services, such as New Home Inspections, Lock-Up Inspections, Final Inspections and more. Give us a call today and let’s chat about how we can work in un to see you take the first step in the right track!